The Process & Characteristics of a Renovation Loan – 3HR General Credits

March, 13 2024

Realtors have an understanding of how to guide their clients. Space is limited! RSVP to Renee Cazzell

For REEL Estate Agents

February, 27 2024

Instagram Reels Video Basics What you will learn: Benifits of Reel Video Marketing Set-up for Video Success Content Creation HOw to Edit Your Reels

Social Media Mastery

January, 3 2024

Key Learning Points: Social Media Deep Dive: Gain comprehensive insights into Facebook, Instagram, and More. Compelling Content Creation: Develop engaging content to showcase your real estate expertise and connect with… Read more »

Understanding The Appraisal Process – 3 CE Hours General

July, 18 2023

Join us to learn: The role of an Appraiser and how it has changed over the years The relationship between Appraisers, Lenders, and agents in the transaction How to pre-screen… Read more »