Landmark Title Assurance Agency is a leader in value-added services directly for the developer, subdivider and builder community. Our experienced and knowledgeable Builder & Developer Services team knows what it takes to expertly navigate the Subdivision Disclosure Report process (public report), escrow, title and project planning, in order to make your job easier. Whether you are a builder planning a single site or developer creating a master planned community, we are your partner in the real estate industry.

Land Acquisition Assistance

Our Developer & Builder Services team will assist you with the research, acquisition and entitlement of your property. We will supply title reports, copies of recorded documents, and we will work closely with your engineer and other service providers to ensure that information is technically correct for approval and recording. Potential issues are identified and addressed immediately to minimize future problems or delays.

In Maricopa County, the municipalities use a verity of financial assurances for guaranteeing the completion of on and offsite improvements to and within a platted subdivision. These types of assurances may vary from bonds, letter of credit and occupancy hold agreements.

In Pima County, Subdivision Land Trusts are widely used by land developers and homebuilders when an Assurance Agreement is entered into with the local municipality. Our team is expert in guiding our clients through the complicated process of Assurance Agreement approval.

Subdivision/Land Holding Trusts and Third-Party Assurance Agreements

We offer Land Development Trusts to assist in development where jurisdictions offer Third-Party Assurance Agreements. We prepare Assurance Agreements, we will work with your engineer through the platting process, and we will request Assurance Releases all the way through from lot sales to homebuyer closings.  We have long-standing relationships with the various jurisdictions and will help builders and developers through this process as smoothly as possible.

State of Arizona Department of Real Estate (DRE) Processing

We understand that a well thought out project plan and subsequent public report application filing will positively impact a homebuilding sales program. To ensure this, we develop the initial DRE materials early, and we meet with the builder, the engineer and attorney, if needed. We identify requirements, assign responsibilities, and establish timeframe objectives.

Throughout the process, we maintain regular contact with the DRE to make sure each requirement is met as scheduled. We coordinate projects, monitor progress, and keep everyone informed through proactive reporting. We will assist you in the preparation of your Public Report for DRE submission, as well as provide direction for the various filings, including:

  • Lot Reservation
  • Conditional Sales Exemption
  • Subsequent Owners Exemption
  • Final Public Report
  • Amended Public Report

Diane Sloane

Contact Diane Sloane at  [email protected] or (520) 475-6388 to learn how we can work together to make your next project a success.